Materials we recover

Experts in scrap recovery, converting them into raw materials by recycling waste residues.

Metals can be recovered and regenerated over and over again without losing their original properties, so, in addition to the obvious savings from their treatment and recycling from an environmental point of view, there are also energy savings compared to production from primary ones.

Ferrous metals represent the largest volume of recovered scrap and are made of iron and steel. Within the group of non-ferrous metals, the most commonly recovered are aluminium, copper, lead, zinc and their alloys.

In order to recover raw materials from metallic scrap, our processes include the gathering, sorting, transportation and generation of raw materials for the different foundries in the sector. 

More than 60 years of experience in the treatment and recovery of raw materials from cars, home appliances, electric and electronic devices, batteries, wires and scrap.

Raw materials

Stainless steel




Heavy metals